07 4 / 2014

Those, who are looking to be a well-known stand up comedian, should keep in mind that to win the audience is not that easy. This is true and you must have noticed it while performing in front of them.

These days, everyone has his own life and very own worries. People probably come to pay and see some stand up comedy acts to refresh them. If you are not providing them the expected results then you are in deep trouble. You may not be called again for some act and your dream of becoming a famous stand up comedian will be doomed. Of course, you do not want any such thing in your career. This is why, you should be known with the jokes you are delivering and especially the approach with which you are delivering them.

You can always take some help from the old stand up comedy videos or from the videos of the new successful comedians. You should focus on the way they deliver their content, their timings, and their body language. A successful stand up comedian is the one, who stays natural and delivers some great jokes that make audience go crazy.

You need to have the natural humorous style to be a great comedian. If it is your start then you can practice your acts by performing in the small gatherings including the schools, colleges, or small hotels. They may pay you less but it will be good for your practice. You will also get to know that what sort of jokes you can say in front of the kids, youngsters, and adults.

Even a natural comedian needs some polishing to appear as the exploding comedian. Hence, if you are looking to learn some good tactics regarding the stand up comedy then you can either take help from the stand up comedy videos or join some reputable school, which can teach you about the basics of this type of comedy.

A high-quality stand up comedy revolves around our daily life and the things around us. No one likes to hear the hammering comedy or some rocket science kind of jokes. A simple joke with the powerful punch line and the wicked expressions can give laughing fits to your audience. Remember that, funny expressions are what that attract the audience most.

So, if you are keen to make some career as a comedian then keep these essentials in mind and start practicing it from today.  

21 11 / 2013

From aspiring artists to experienced and well known stand up comedians, many are turning to producing their own podcasts as a revolutionary method to distribute their comedy material online.  For the more well known performers, podcasts enable the artist to expand their reach to a global audience with none of the issues or costs associated with breaking into global markets and distributing and selling material via DVD’s or CD’s. 

Podcasts have become ever more popular over recent years and if you are planning to move into this media as a way of raising awareness of your name and material there are three key steps to follow:

Firstly you need to plan your podcast.  You may opt to follow a particular theme or issue to cover within your podcast or make it more general, covering off a number of issues in short segments.  As with all your material, it is better to stick to what you know, or what you have an interest in.  Whilst this is a key tip for normal stand up comedy material, I would say it is vital for a podcast, particularly whilst you are starting out.  If you veer away from subjects you know about or are passionate about, you will risk sounding disinterested, phoney and lose the attention of your audience.

Once you have planned out your podcast, now you need to record it.  Choose a room that is quiet and which provides good acoustics for your recording.  Avoid placing microphones too closely together as this will cause feedback and where necessary, place them on stands or in a secure place.  Make sure you have someone who can monitor your podcast and who can let you know if you need to make changes to make sure your podcast is clear and audible.  There are a number of programs available to record and to edit your podcast.

The final step is to distribute and publicize your podcast.  You can choose to upload to your personal website or to one of the many free file servers.  As well as promoting it on your website, use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to bring in a bigger audience.  You may even want to consider submitting your podcast to podcast reviewers.  This is a good way to get feedback and also gain more exposure.

If you are successful then your audience will be hungry for more, so bear in mind that as you have finished distributing your last podcast, you should be planning your next.  The best way to keep your audience is to let them know when they can expect the next instalment, so try to make it regular but with enough content and quality to keep the audience tuning in and eager for more.